Has your property had Cavity Wall Insulation fitted?

Our FREE checking service will ensure that your insulation was installed correctly,

is not causing any damage and is helping save you money.

Are you having issues in your home with any of the following?

  • Damp

  • Condensation

  • Mould / Black Spotting

  • Peeling Wallpaper

  • Paint Bubbles


Stone built properties should never have been insulated!

There is a strong chance that the cavity wall insulation is the reason for these issues.

Why can cavity wall insulation cause problems?

  • A product called Urea Formaldehyde was often used as insulation. Over the years it can become harmful to health due to degradation resulting in gas being released from the foam and damp that breaches the cavity.

  • Insulation was fitted into houses that were structurally unsuitable. e.g. Steel or wood framed properties and properties where the brickwork was in poor condition.

  • Insulation was poorly installed, e.g. not enough product used, and/or not following product insulation guidelines can lead to gaps and cold spots. The insulation can drop leading to cold spots on the upper floors of a property.

  • Properties that are flooded from external sources or burst water pipes can cause the insulation to become waterlogged which in turn can cause damp within the walls of your home. House fires can also melt the insulation affecting its thermal properties. Fire & water damaged properties should have had the insulation removed upon repair.

Don’t let your health or your property suffer due to poorly installed or damaged cavity wall insulation.

How it works:

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Please send the following by EMAIL or WhatsApp:

  1. A photo of the front of the property

  2. A photo of drill holes on the wall/s

  3. Any Installation paperwork (Optional)

If you qualify then we will contact you to arrange your FREE survey at a convenient time for yourself.

If the insulation has caused damage to your property or shouldn’t have been installed in the first place, then you will be referred to a specialist “NO WIN NO FEE” solicitor

IMPORTANT: No matter the result of the survey - There will be NO COST to you!

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